Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Bindrunes - Bind-Runes

Bindrunes  - Bind-Runes

Just as in ancient times, the runes of today are used to empower, heal and teach. Their wisdom, energy, vibration and protective qualities make them ideal to imbue talismans, amulets, magical tools and jewellery. They can be inscribed, burnt, drawn, carved or painted onto any item of sacred personal value. This can be done using a singular rune, or in the form of ‘bindrunes’. 

The word ‘bindrune’ literally means ‘to gain inspiration’. Bindrunes consist of two or more runic symbols bound together to form a single power symbol. 

Ask the runes to show you which ones you need to combine for your chosen purpose, then allow your intuition to draw them. They can then be placed together and inscribed, their combined symbols giving extra meaning and power to your chosen item.

For example, Thurisaz gives the qualities of personal power, strength, protection and defence. Raido represents the path of a person’s life;  it’s challenges, opportunities, trials and lessons and the gaining of wisdom. The two runes combined bring the power of protection and wisdom during ones’ life journey.

Another example is to combine the Wunjo rune with that of Othila.


With Wunjo comes the essence of balance, joy, hope and prosperity. Othila brings the qualities of security within the self, as well as the ‘home’. Combined, the bindrune represents the qualities and power of joy and prosperity on the home-front.

The combinations of bindrunes are nearly endless as they can all be used in a multitude of combinations, using from two to as many runes as your intuition dictates. 

Each and every combination has a different meaning or connotation and can be made either for certain situations or events, or as a personal power source.

Joanne Walmsley

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