Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Empowering Yourself

Empowering Yourself

The runes, when you work with them regularly, will teach you about the power of nature.  By working with the runes and learning to understand your connection with the universe and your place within it, you will have no choice but to grow on all levels.

Nature teaches balance and harmony. It teaches by example and through vibrations and energy. Regular communing with nature and its elements can be enlightening and/or empowering. By spending time with nature and its beauty you will find your true connection.

Wearing runic symbols or bindrunes is another way of empowering yourself. Runes omit powerful vibrations that have a protective effect and will attract the qualities of the chosen rune/s into your life.  By wearing a rune or bindrune around your neck, you will subject the whole of your being to the influence of the rune, its symbology, power and meaning.


Joanne Walmsley      
     Sacred Scribes

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