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Alternative Names
Tiwaz, Tir, Tyr, Teiws, Tiw.

Key Phrase
‘Now is the time to make use of
the skills and wisdom you have acquired.’

Tyr (Warrior God), the Tyr Rune, fatherhood, the arrow, a spear point.

Viking Rune Equivalent and Meaning
Warrior. The Norse warrior god Tyr; Victory in battle; A guiding light.

Divinatory Meaning


Tarot Equivalent
The Wheel of Fortune  -  10  -  X

Corresponding Letter

Associated Colour

Associated Herb

Associated Gemstone

Associated Tree

Associated Myths and Deities
Sacred to Tyr  -  Lord of the Heavens and war-leader, the Ferris Wolf; Odin’s ordeals.

Manifestation Uses
For strengthening the will; healing a wound and for strength and protection; victory; success; judgement and matters of law; decisions or guidance. 

Teiwaz can be invoked to heal any curse or ailment that has been wrongly placed upon you.

Relationship Interpretation
Combined strength and authority. There is work to be done together and it will only be achieved together.

Healing Colour and Qualities
Excellent to aid gout and rheumatism in combination with the Isa rune.

Worn as a talisman, Teiwaz protects the material surroundings, brings victory, strengthens the will, and helps to heal wounds.

Teiwaz Drawn Upright
Order, self-sacrifice, a voluntary sacrifice, stability, lawfulness, justice, courage, honour, morality, duty, discipline, responsibility, glory,  strength, conflict, a wound, leadership and authority, rationality, victory, success in a legal issue, protection, a protective amulet, knowing your personal strengths, steady, reliable, optimism, faith, analysis, the Pole Star, the vault of the Heavens.

TEIWAZ is ‘Order’.

The Teiwaz rune is the first rune of the third Aett. It is the seventeenth rune in total. Teiwaz is the rune of the god Tyr. Tuesday was named after him. Teiwaz is a rune of justice and order.

Like the warrior god Tyr, the Teiwaz rune represents inner strength, morality and honour. In Norse mythology and cosmology, the god Tyr’s sacrifice of his hand to allow the binding of the Ferris Wolf, was a noble one. Tyr is noted for his sense of duty and ethical responsibilities, in contrast to the pantheon of deities who are not concerned with such.

The Teiwaz rune symbolises all qualities associated with the god Tyr, including strength, heroism, duty and responsibility. It is said that Teiwaz is 'Tyr’s Rune'. Tyr is believed to be one of the oldest of the Norse gods and his position may well have originally superseded that of Odin.

The Teiwaz rune is one of the oldest runes in the Elderfuthark, having remained virtually unchanged from the earliest Bronze-age rock carvings, and it’s meanings and implications remain true. Teiwaz focuses the attention and forces discipline. Embodied in this rune is the energy of discernment and discrimination and is one of courage and dedication.

The Teiwaz rune is phallic in shape and contains the embodiment of masculine energy, which resides in both men and women. The qualities of Teiwaz are often exerted and looked for in men moreso than women, as a way of measuring and judging them. Teiwaz, the rune, is one of fatherhood and all that it entails.

The arrow of the Teiwaz rune represents going straight to the source, or the heart of things. It shows hitting the bullseye on the target and shooting straight. This rune gives one the ability to remain objective and judge in fairness. It also gives the potential for handling conflicts positively.

The Teiwaz rune symbolises new challenges and initiations into new understandings. It represents voluntary sacrifice made by someone who understands exactly what they are giving up and why.

When the Teiwaz rune is drawn in a reading, it is telling you that there is a need for fearlessness as your victory is already assured if your heart remains true. It is also a time to make use of all the skills and wisdom you have learned so far in this lifetime. 

You are warned to protect your faith, as it will be challenged. 

Remember, the truth will always be victorious in the end.

If Teiwaz is drawn in a reading, rest assured that justice will prevail.

Teiwaz Drawn Reversed (Merkstave)
Over-sacrifice, martyrdom, mental paralysis, injustice, imbalance, strife, war, losing, conflict, failure in competition, dwindling passion, self-sacrifice, arguments, difficulties in communicating, separation.

The Teiwaz rune reversed indicates that you have all the power within that you will need for the challenges ahead, but you may feel despair, a loss of hope or direction. Listen carefully to your own heart and you will be shown your next (positive) step. The danger may lie in hasty action or ill-timed occurrences. There may also be matters of trust (or lack thereof) and confidence at hand and you are warned to listen to your inner advice before proceeding. It also calls for examining your motives carefully.

Teiwaz reversed or merkstave suggests a reversal in energies and creative flow. It hints that one may be suffering from mental stagnation that he or she is over-analytical and prone to self-sacrifice. 

Injustice and imbalance often appear in the wake of Teiwaz reversed. It implies dwindling passions and a difficulties in communication. A separation of some sort may be imminent.


Joanne Walmsley