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Alternative Names
Feoh, Fe.

Key Phrase                       
‘Wealth should never be hoarded,
but used for the benefit of all.’

Cattle, Fee, Gold.

Viking Rune Equivalent and Meaning
Possessions, goods, personal wealth, society and community wealth, cattle.


Temptation  -  44

Tarot Equivalent
The Devil  -  15  -  XV

Divinatory Meaning
Spiritual Richness

Corresponding Letter

Associated Colour
Light Red

Associated Herb

Associated Gemstone
Moss Agate

Associated Tree

Associated Myths and Deities
Freya (Freyr) – goddess of fecundity and love; Brisingamen.

Manifestation Uses
To attain money, business viability, career or job promotion or change, gainful employment, achieving set goals, starting new enterprises.

Relationship Interpretation
The financial prospect in this relationship and the attitudes of the partners will come under scrutiny. There may be opportunities for a combined creation of wealth and abundance.

Healing Colour and Qualities
Yellow can be placed on the forehead to ease tension headaches and fever;  to be used before any medical treatment;  opens the channel to the inner self for acceptance of healing in a positive manner;  a preventative – to help prevent illnesses from occurring.

Fehu is a good talisman to wear for achieving a goal, gaining a promotion or to bring luck to a new business.

Fehu Drawn Upright
Wealth, income, prosperity, money, physical and financial needs met, high self-esteem, promotion, good karma, well-earned rewards, our common beginning, starting point, success, control of riches, the imperative to give and share, abundance, hope and plenty, success and happiness, social success and status, becoming, attaining, possessions, prosperity, high energy, foresight, fertility.

FEHU is ‘stored energy’.

The first rune of the first (Freya) aett is Fehu. This rune is often associated with ‘fertility’. It is the rune of potential and fulfilment. It symbolises solid foundations, rewards reaped and ambitions satisfied. Fehu is the promise of nourishment, growth and stability. 

This rune calls for a deep appreciation for profit, loss and gain in life. Fehu is the rune which requires you to look at your possessions and wealth, then weigh up whether they are for your growth and fulfilment, or are they of an ‘ego’ nature. 

Within its historical background this rune refers to ‘cattle’. The ownership of cattle gives potential for further expansion and empowerment. To own cattle ensures there would be meat for the family, or alternatively, it could be sold or traded for other necessities, wants and wishes. To be the owner of cattle in ancient times signified that you were a person of sound decision making skills, as portrayed by your management talents and deft wisdom and knowledge.

To our ancestors, as with us in today’s society, the accumulation of wealth, when gained honourably, is a positive thing. It ensures survival as wealth in its purest sense is a steady food supply. The cattle gives financial security, which in turn delivers comforts needed on all levels.

In ancient times owning cattle or property gave one social status and often a louder voice within the community. The sale of cattle brought instant monetary gain. The ‘sharing’ or ‘loaning’ of the cattle to others brought ‘interest’ in return. This interest would increase wealth in the form of more cattle or the payment of a fee – hence Fehu. 

In time, the importance placed upon cattle was transferred to ‘gold’, therefore, the rune Fehu became synonymous with ‘fee’ or the ‘amount of money’.

As cattle breed more cattle, Fehu also represents the concept of ‘money makes more money’. This wealth gives one power. This power though, is to be used to fulfill the needs of the self and others. The nourishment of others gives wealth of a spiritual kind.
Fehu is the day to day reality of life. It is whatever we think we are seeking. It is the mundane and routine of existence. Fehu is the stability of the self and the home and is a reminder that you must be secure within the self before embarking outwards. 

The concept of Fehu is the ‘seed’ which is to be planted in order to reap the rewards. It is the money in the bank that will enable one to attain wants and needs. It is the ability, but not the action. The individual’s potential creative energies can be used to create wealth, on all levels required.
On a superficial level, the Fehu rune can refer to objects of a material nature or monetary wealth on the material plane. 

On a spiritual level, Fehu refers to the ability to create abundance, prosperity and wealth, be it financially, spiritually, physically or emotionally. The Fehu rune represents the ‘process’ of this.

Drawing the Fehu rune in a reading would indicate that work done in the past and seeds planted last season, are ready for harvest, with the promise of further abundance.

Fehu indicates that something has been well-earned or won. Now is the time to draw on your good fortune with a positive attitude and spread the energy around. Fehu promises nourishment to all concerned.

Drawn in a reading, Fehu is telling you to enjoy your good fortune, but remember to share it with others. 

This rune shows us that if the soul is well nourished and fulfilled it in turn is able to nourish and fulfil others.

Fehu Drawn Reversed (Merkstave)
Loss or failure, low self-esteem, greed, atrophy, discord, waste, disharmony, poverty, cowardice, stupidity, poor judgment in decision making.

Drawn reversed or merkstave, the Fehu rune may bring to light frustrations and issues you may be dealing with, that you feel have no viable solution. These can be from the severe to the trivial. 

You may feel that you are failing at all you try to achieve;  each hit is a miss. You may even be struggling financially or fear that you may not have ‘enough’. 

Reversed, the Fehu rune tells that something achieved may be lost, often brought about by one’s own actions or choices.

This rune indicates that doubtful situations abound and you must tread wearily. ‘Look before you leap’ is a good phrase to remember with this reversed rune.

The Fehu rune merkstave shows you the ‘shadow side’ or negativity of wealth, money and possessions. It portrays the materialistic view. It gives one the opportunity to recognise and assess where their true nourishment lies. You may have great riches within, but they are masked by emotional imbalances and unresolved issues.


Joanne Walmsley


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