Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Reading the RUNES

Reading the RUNES

When reading or casting for others, intuition plays a major role. Not only are you required to know and understand the meanings of the runes, as well as their symbology and traditional interpretation, you are also required to use your intuition, and most importantly, trust it.

When you cast the runes for someone else, ask them to formulate their matter of concern clearly in their mind. Tell them not to state it out loud. This, (as with all forms of using the intuition) eliminates any unconscious personal bias in the interpretation.

On a conscious (and subconscious) level, if as the Runecaster, you know too much, if anything at all, about the person’s dilemma, you may form an opinion or judgement which could cloud your interpretation of the runes. This may not be your intention, but it is often the case. Not knowing any details prior to the reading gives both the reader and the inquirer the opportunity for validation during the reading, as relevant issues are revealed.

Once the reading has concluded, both the reader and inquirer have the opportunity to reflect on the rune’s messages and apply them to finding a solution or truth, whatever the case may be. The inquirer should be able to relate (either consciously or subconsciously) to the message of the runes.


An appropriate or ethical ‘issue’ to consult the runes about is: ‘anything that relates to timeliness and right action’. You may wish for advice on whether or not to make a career or work change, to travel to some far-off destination, or to terminate or initiate a relationship … the list goes on. Your ‘issue’ or situation is something that is taking place within your life at this time.

A ‘question’ is different from an ‘issue’.  A question may be something like, ‘should I end this relationship?’ To state the matter as an ‘issue’ rather than a ‘question’, you would state, “The issue is my relationship.”  Instead of asking “should I accept this new job?” it is preferable to say, ‘the issue is my job/work/career”.

This small distinction is crucial. If you ask the runes a ‘question’, and the runes provide an answer, then your personal role is a passive one. This does not give you the opportunity to use your talents as a decision-maker - the maker of your own destiny.

If you address an ‘issue’, the runes will comment upon the issue. This allows you to extract your own answer using interpretation and intuition to determine for yourself your best course of action, therefore, paving the path of your journey for yourself.

If you do not have a specific issue in mind, yet feel compelled to consult the runes, simply ask, “What do I need to know for my life right now?”  

 The rune’s reply will always be appropriate to an issue, instructive in its nature and forthright in its message.

Joanne Walmsley

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