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The RUNES and Their Meanings - 3 Aetts

The RUNES and Their Meanings  -  3 Aetts

The First Aett  -  Freya’s Aettir

The First Aett represents the ‘Life Cycle’.

In Fehu we see potential, ideas, concepts, a seed.
In Uruz we see ability, education, planting of the seed.
In Thurisaz we see movement, application, a seedling.
In Ansuz we see connection, a finished product, grown plants.
In Raido we see reaction, changes caused by a product, harvesting of plants.
In Kenaz we see knowledge, seeing results from the changes of a product, knowing what the process plant is to be used for.
In Gebo we see outcome, benefits of the changes by a product, money from the sold plant.
In Wunjo we see wisdom, using the benefits to better the product, putting part of the money back from profits, for more seed.

Simply put:

Fehu:       idea of life
Uruz:       can bring life
Thurisaz: impregnations
Ansuz:     birth
Raido:      growth
Kenaz:      adolescence
Gebo:        life lived
Wunjo:     legacy of life


The Second Aett represents the external forces that put themselves upon us. In most cases these are not ruled by intelligence, but by the forces of nature.

In Hagalaz we have hail, an external force outside of our control. It is a neutral power.

In Nauthiz we have ‘needs’, external forces that drive us forward. Like hunger, lust and fear.

In Isa we have ice. It is how the world sees us. Its view is static and unchanged until exerted upon.

In Jera we have the cycle of time; external forces of entropy and its effect upon the world.

In Eihwaz we have the yew tree (Yggdrasil) and its apparent immortality representing that of nature’s own.
In Pertho we have the unknowable or the energy of karma.
It is the force of luck.

In Algiz we have protection by an external force.

In Sowilo we have a mentor or guide that encourages a feeling of safety.


In the Third Aett the last set of runes are the internal forces that help us deal with the external forces of the Second Aett, as we travel the path outlined in the First Aett.

Teiwaz is a rune of order, self sacrifice, stability, lawfulness and courage.

Berkana is the rune of ‘feminine energy’.

Ehwaz is the rune that shows the duality of man in his ability to deal with his world.

Mannaz is the rune that represents intelligence, memory, rationality and the traditions of mankind.

Laguz represents not only the subconscious, but also that which is within it.

Inguz is the very essence of creativity and the act of creating.

Dagaz is representative of the personal time you give to accomplishing goals.

Othila is our home turf, whether this is physically, emotionally or spiritually.

Joanne Walmsley

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  1. This is a beautiful explanation of the three aettirs of Elder Futhark! I just started learning about them from a friend and I didn't yet fully understand their cultural relevance until I read this. It's wonderful. You should be proud.

  2. Brilliant. I am studying runes for quite some time (10 years at least), also theosophy - and it struck me like 5 minutes ago to relate runes to the sevenfold mutations of the Unknown, creating the universe. These given here are in complete accordance with my own assumptions - proving to me this was trully done by an insight. Thank you.

    1. I'm interested on reading up a bit more on those seven mutations. I get that this was back in 2012 but if you do happen to see this and give me a hand, thanks!

  3. You may have studied runes for 10 years but english not enough my brother, for you have misspelled truly . Fret not though, truly is commonly misconstrued by many to be "trully" or "truely"

  4. The only thing you have to add is that of a grammar nazi? Oh Anonymous, you are truly shallow. I think their insight is much deeper, and besides you are too late to even make a difference in their life. Why not bring more enlightenment to those things which would cure the soul?