Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Cleansing Your RUNES

Cleansing Your RUNES

It is important to spiritually cleanse your runes, particularly when they are a new acquisition. This can be done in many different ways, depending upon which feels most natural to you.

They can be laid out under a full moon for the night or placed outside in the early morning sun and left there for a full twenty-four hour cycle.

Another method is ‘smudging’  ~  this entails wafting smoking herbs such as lavender or sage over them, releasing their purifying properties to cleanse the runes.

The runes can be cleansed using naturally flowing water from a well, spring, river, creek or stream. 

*Never use tap water.


Once you have cleansed your runes they need to be empowered. Once again, by keeping your runes either with you, or in a private space, you will be empowering your runes with your energy. 

Empowering your runes can also be done in a variety of other ways. Again, use a method most comfortable and natural to you.

Runes can be laid out for the midday Sun to bless, being place out in the morning, then retrieved at dusk.

The runes can be empowered by burying them under soil for a week, then retrieving them. The runes can be buried either by themselves, or in a separate bag or container. It is not necessary to bury them singularly.

Another more complicated method requires you to place the runes on a cloth and sprinkle with sea salt to empower the runes with the element of Earth  then, pass each rune through incense smoke whilst asking the element of Air to empower the runes .

Each rune can then be individually passed through a candle flame to empower the runes with Fire element. For the final step, sprinkle spring or rain water over the runes to empower them with the element of Water.

Once your Runes are cleansed and empowered they are imbued with your own unique energy.

As you work with your runes, especially if you do a lot of readings for others, you need to cleanse them regularly. 

You may also wish to perform an annual ‘re-empowering ceremony’.


Joanne Walmsley    Sacred Scribes

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