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The First Aett is concerned with fertility, increase, love, and the basic life forces.

FEHU       URUZ      THURISAZ      ANZUS      RAIDO      KENAZ      GEBO        WUNJO


The Second Aett represents openings to the other world, Heindall the Watcher, who keeps the Rainbow Bridge to the Heavens;  the icy bridge to the Underworld, limitation, fate and the inner journey.

HAGALAZ       NAUTHIZ      ISA       JERA        EIHWAZ        PERTHO     ALGIZ       SOWULO

In the Third Aett the last set of runes are the internal forces that help us deal with the external forces of the Second Aett, as we travel the path outlined in the First Aett.

 TEIWAZ        BERKANA       EHWAZ     MANNAZ     LAGUZ        INGUZ       OTHILA      DAGAZ

Freja Aett                  Hagal Aett                  Tyr Aett

Fehu                            Hagalaz                       Teiwaz
Uruz                            Nauthiz                       Berkana
Thurisaz                      Isa                                Ehwaz
Anzus                          Jera                              Mannaz
Raido                           Eihwaz                         Laguz
Kenaz                          Pertho                         Inguz
Gebo                            Algiz                            Othila
Wunjo                         Sowulo                        Dagaz

Joanne Walmsley       Sacred Scribes


  1. Amazing! Is there a book that you have/recommend that I could purchase?

  2. This is very informative thanks.One thing the last aet the end can be either dagaz or othala I have seen both I have othala as the last and many others have the same yet both yield the same message thanks for the info.

  3. Joanne, thank you for all the information you have put together and collected as well as sharing your own insights. Do you have this work in a book format to purchase?