Tuesday, November 2, 2010

RUNE Journal

RUNE Journal

As the runes are complex and intricate in both their individual and combined natures, it requires much study and dedication to learn their idiosyncrasies. Their interpretations are many and varied depending upon viewpoint, and it is important to learn them all.

As well as learning the theory of the runes and their origins, trust in one’s own intuition and faith in one’s Self needs to be learned and trusted before one can become truly proficient.

The first step in learning to read the runes is getting to know them – each individually, in their three separate aetts, then as an entire group. 

Literal meanings of the rune names should be memorised, as a starting point. This can be done by taking a rune each day, starting with ‘Fehu’ and ending with ‘Dagaz’. The rune can be meditated upon during that specific day. It can be carried with you in a pocket or handbag or placed on a dashboard or desk at your place of work. The energy of the rune combined with your own will assist with your familiarisation.

You may find that the meaning and essence of the rune of that day in particular, relates directly to issues pertaining to your day to day dealings at the time. At some point during the day or night, if you are taking note, you will either see a flash of the rune in your minds eye and think of it’s meaning, or an issue may arise whose answers or solutions lay in the message of the rune for that day.

Remember, nothing happens by chance.

The rune’s impressions and impacts on other runes in spreads and lays can give different, or layered messages which require a deeper interpretation. Learning how each one interacts with the next and so on is imperative to give deeper insight and meaning to all interpretations. It also builds and compounds your intuitive skills and talents, as well as enhancing your own knowledge and wisdom.

Within your rune journal it is imperative to note your thoughts, emotions and findings. Things such as which runes you are most attracted to and why, or what they mean to you, often give insight into yourself, an issue or something/someone around you at the time.

The date and time are of importance as you are able to note when situations, occasions or life-events take place, what occurred or took place and what the runes had to say at the time.

You are also able to see (and confirm in the future upon re-reading) the runes messages to you. You will also be able to see whether their advice was heeded or not.

Personal impressions are particularly important to note, as you will see when you read back, when and where and how you began to hone your intuitive skills. All these little things add up in the learning process.

Joanne Walmsley

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