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Alternative Names
Othala; Ogthala; Othel; Othal; Ethel; Odhal; Opild.

Key Phrase
‘Focus your thoughts to attract
the right energies that you need
 to make your dream a reality.’

Boundaries; a possession.

Viking Rune Equivalent
Separation. Home. Inherited property or possessions.


Tarot Equivalent

The Heirophant  -  5  -  V

Divinatory Meaning
Freedom and Focus

Corresponding Letter

Associated Colour

Associated Herb

Associated Gemstone

Associated Tree

Associated Myths and Deities
The nine worlds of Yggdrasil.

Manifestation Uses
For acquiring land or property; to complete a project, or to strengthen family ties. For growth and prosperity. Aid in physical and spiritual journeys.

Relationship Interpretation
Domesticity; joining of property; home or house issues. Social life.

Healing Colour and Qualities

To clear blockages and toxins in the body.

Othila as a talisman helps the wearer to acquire property, to bring a project to successful conclusion and to strengthen family ties.

Othila Drawn Upright
Property, land, a house, a home, inheritance, legacy, inherited physical attributes, the sacred enclosure, boundaries, home, permanency, a sense of belonging, safety, a possession or possessions, family, group, spiritual heritage, experience and fundamental values, guarding and passing on sacred values, patrimony, material and spiritual heritage, ancestral lands, spiritual values, fundamental ideas, belonging, togetherness, liberty of the individual and the clan, duty to resist oppression, integrity, wise use of resources, prosperity and increase in abundance, acquisition, benefits.

OTHILA is ‘Home.’

Othila is the twenty-third rune and the seventh of the third Aett, in the Elderfuthark Runic alphabet. Othila is the meeting place between the Norse’s Midgard and Asgard – between our gods and ourselves. 

This rune represents ancestral property, one’s homeland or one’s ‘home turf’, be it physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually. It is your sense of connectedness with your heritage. The Othila rune represents the home and family, its customs, language, duties and responsibilities and the qualities needed to maintain family ties as well as the family homestead. It is the areas of your life in which you feel most comfortable.

Othila represents yourself in your natural state, with no tensions or worries. It is your inner bliss and peace. It is who you are and where you stand in this world. 

Othila comes to represent the realm of wealth and property, but in a way that defines who we are rather than what we have. The Othila rune represents land, as it can be passed on as a legacy, used to feed and prosper, but more importantly, it is our home. The concept and idea of ‘land’ can also represent our ‘centre’, who we are and where we are most comfortable, to give our lives meaning. 

We discover with Othila that after all our travels and adventures, we all eventually end up going home. This shows us that through our travels, explorations and adventures we learn experiences and values that ultimately teach us that our home or spiritual centre is who and where we really are. It is our core. Othila is what and where our real home is to us. None of the lessons learned can be of any real use unless they are actively integrated into our daily life so that we can know our centre point, and anchor to it.

Othila also represents boundaries of all kinds. Boundaries are what we place around ourselves and our properties. They are an indication of ownership, to keep outsiders out and those on the inside (such as cattle) in. In life it is imperative to know your boundaries, although these same boundaries are to be pushed from time to time, to further growth. Knowing our boundaries allows us to make good judgements and choices.

Drawing Othila in a reading indicates that you need to be able to concentrate, but relax at the same time. Focus clearly on your wishes, dreams, hopes and desires, but relax in the knowledge that what you need will come to you. To try to force issues may hinder progress. Wait patiently for other energies to be attracted to your thoughts and these will direct and guide you in the right direction. Othila tells us never to loose sight of our dreams.

Othila is a rune of possessions, house and home and what one holds truly important in their life. It is a rune of groups, promising group order and prosperity.

Othila promises aid in spiritual and physical journeys, and is a source of safety and of abundance.

Othila Drawn Reversed (Merkstave)
Disorder, prejudice, manipulation, unfair judgement, homelessness, poverty, bad karma, no sense of belonging, outcast, being bound to a negative situation.

Drawing the Othila Rune reversed may indicate your desire to possess and/or own something, possibly to the point of obsession. Keep in mind that when you try to own something, you run the risk of loosing it. The message is to allow everyone and everything to be as they should.

Othila appearing merkstave suggests that now is not the time to be held down and bound by old conditioning and behaviour. Adaptability to change must be fostered, as change is inevitable. A refusal to go with the flow of change will result in more hurdles and obstacles in your way.

Reversed or merkstave, Othila forewarns of customary order and totalitarianism.


Joanne Walmsley
Sacred Scribes


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  1. Thank you so very much for your post and sharing your knowledge on this rune symbol. It was exactly what I needed to find at the right time. I am appreciative that you have taken the time to write this for the world, even if it was many years ago. I hope you continue to keep doing what you feel called to do. Wishing you well on your life journey as well. Take good care! Blessings!